IELTS Preparation

COURSE Description Fees Course Structure Duration





$220/week   9:00-13:00  (20 hours/week)

17:00-21:00  (20 hours/week)

12 weeks


$390/week   9:00-13:00  (20 hours/week) 12 weeks


Two different IELTS preparation courses are available:

  1. IELTS Foundation:  is an Intermediate/Upper Intermediate level English course with some IELTS teaching incorporated into the programme. It is useful for students wishing to extend their English competency while potentially preparing to sit an IELTS examination in the future.
  2. IELTS Intensive: is designed for students with a specific goal in mind, and  a strong focus on sitting an IELTS examination. ICENZ tutors for this programme are highly specialised, and we offer a full guarantee that you will achieve the result you require.

IELTS is widely used in New Zealand and good results in the IELTS test are required to secure entry into tertiary institutes and workplaces where English language testing is required.

IELTS is scored on a 9 band scale, with each band representing a competence level in English. The majority of tertiary institutes in New Zealand require an average  score of 6.5 before enrolling students in degree courses.

If you are planning to pursue further academic studies, we will be more than happy to assist you with your English preparations.