Other courses

About our Courses:

The Institute of Commercial Education (New Zealand) exists to teach you the skills to survive in a commercial world. For this reason, we offer language courses to develop your communication abilities in English and Chinese. We are also able to arrange short courses on specialised topics by utilising the services of recognised experts in their fields, combined with practical visits to deepen students knowledge and learning.

Holiday Study for Group Students


  • Groups of international students wishing to use their holiday time for the study of English and sight-seeing — enjoying the “Kiwi Experience” — may contact the Institute directly or do so through use of an overseas agent.
  • It is recommended that course duation be limited to 1 to 3 weeks. ICENZ limits any group visit to a maximum of three months.
  • ICENZ will not accept students under the age of 14 years as part of a group, and and no group is to comprise more than 20 students
  • Provisions of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students will apply to all group students.

Short Courses

The following short courses have previously been offered by Institute of Commercial Education NZ’s founding company, NZ Education & Science Group Ltd. This list of short courses and seminars is by no means exhaustive. This represents just a sample of the specialized topics our highly qualified staff are able to introduce to you.

      • Foundations for Secondary Study
      • Bridging course in High School English
      • Coaching programmes for Secondary study (Year 7 to Year 13)
      • Economics and Finance (selection available)
      • IT and Biotechnology (selection available)
      • Education, Immigration and NZ issues
      • Beginners to Advanced Chinese language
      • Ecommerce & Cross border investment/trading