Our Values

The Institute of Commercial Education has been developed to offer a range of flexible learning programmes to suit the varying and changing needs of our students, with emphasis on excellence and full satisfaction among both students and staff.

At ICENZ, we want to concentrate on doing everything well as a basis of for future growth and success. As a framework to ensure on-going success the following key interconnected values and principles have been adopted for application in all that we do:


We are always on the lookout for new projects and programmes that are innovative and bring competitive advantages to ICENZ. These projects can also lead to co-operation with other organisations within the Education sector. Aside from large scale innovation we also value fresh approaches to our day to day activities.

Innovation can come in many forms. It may be on a large scale, developing a new academic programme for students, or it could be small scale innovation such as finding a new way to teach grammar in an IELTS class. Whatever the innovation is, they can all add value to our school as a whole.

Our staff and tutors are the face of ICENZ. It is important that we behave in an honest, fair, and consistent manner towards our students and the public. The principle of integrity is applied to all school policies, practices, and procedures.

Although individually we all have different moral and ethical codes, we should apply the best and accepted practices of the New Zealand education industry when representing ICENZ. All of our practices should obey the appropriate New Zealand laws and follow the guidelines set forth by NZQA.

As a NZQA registered PTE, we also abide by the policies and criteria for ongoing registration. These policies are in place to ensure that we provide a quality environment for both our students and our staff.

To achieve our ambitions we set goals so that we are more effective. We encourage our students and staff to set targets and goals that S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Timely). With targets and goals in place, we can drive ourselves to achieve and perform at a higher level.

Performance for you might mean reaching a sales target or have a certain examination pass rate for your class – whatever your function, it is always best to set goals.

By working together and using the expertise of all members of the team we can achieve more. The saying that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” holds true for ICENZ.

The importance of teamwork should never be underestimated. We all have different strengths and we should use them to the advantage of the school. We can also view our colleagues as people to learn from to benefit our own professional development. I would also encourage all staff to impart your knowledge if you think it could be useful to another team member.

The interconnectedness of these four values means that they are all equally important to the overall ambitions of the school. If we can all personally implement these measures on a daily basis then we will go a long way towards taking ICENZ to the top.

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