Sailing NZ Studio(扬帆工作室)

Sailing NZ Studio

(Marketing arm for the Institute of Commercial Education NZ in Auckland)


1 Mission:  To provide and add value to the services offered by leading NZ marine organizations and individual boat owners; to encourage greater local and overseas participation in NZ marine activities and businesses.

2 Vision: Create an improved digital future for leading international sailing and related industries in NZ.

3 . About us: Sailing NZ Studio originated from the Institute of Commercial Education NZ, which is a professional digital organization integrating media capabilities with yachting activities, talent training and education, event planning organization, sports star brokerage, and boating-related tourism projects via VR (virtual reality) technology and platforms. Currently, we have very strong penetration across a variety of local and international segments.

This is the first digital platform in New Zealand for sharing stories, value-added services, information, sports- related training, and boating management.  The studio is inspired and facilitated by a combination of long-standing educational expertise and a world-renowned yacht club, and professionals from the NZ yachting industry. Integrating the core elements of boating as recreation, a sport, and an enterprise, it is a unique, informative and entertaining point of departure for a fun and educational journey to experience the thrills and excitement of aquatic sailing, to learn about functions of the yachting supply chain, and to explore success secrets behind NZ’s Olympic sailing and America’s Cup championships.

4.Background, opportunities and initiative: The “America’s Cup” and the “APEC summit” will be held in Auckland (by video conference), New Zealand in March and September 2021 respectively. This will be a historic opportunity to promote both New Zealand and the yachting industry. At present, the VR marketing platform for recreational boating and training has not been fully developed. We specifically set up the “Sailing NZ Studio” as the marketing arm of the Institute of Commercial Education NZ in order to align our national and international school network and its sources, corporate social responsibilities and business prospects, and our own personal interests.

5.What we do: Seven key areas: Currently we focus on three key areas: 1) New Zealand’s unique yachting and boating resources; 2) digital marketing for local English media and platforms; 3) high-end Chinese market networks for international demand. The following list provides some specific actions to reach the mission goals.

5.1 Use the potential of the Whitford Bird Garden to provide unique land and sea experiences. Work with local schools and communities by using this as a centre for outdoor activities;

5.2 Assist in digitalization of rental services, yacht clubs, general media, and boating-related media;

5.3 Use VR technology to provide potential customers with a priori interactive aquatic experiences;

5.4 Manage and promote New Zealand sports elites to Chinese speaking regions and communities;

5.5 Promote our existing overseas student “learn to sail” holiday programme and add additional sailing features;

5.6 Promote New Zealand’s sailing, fishing and yacht experience tours to China’s high-end tourism market via the mobile platform of interactive VR technology, such as Airbnb;

5.7 Better implement our projects with our counterparts in Guangdong, China (Guangdong Construction Polytechnic , Guangdong University of Finance & Economics) and participate in the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and the Macao Bay areas;

5.8 Cooperate with China’s sport companies, media and sailing clubs (e.g. China Olympic Yinggu Sports Development Ltd.).




1 使命:致力提升新西兰具国际领先的帆船运动、游艇产业数智化增值服务,让更多的人受益。

2 愿景:扬帆工作室致力于数字/智能化新西兰国际领先的帆船运动、游艇业等相关产业.


4.历史机遇与战略Background, Opportunities & Initiatives : 世界四大著名体育赛事之“美洲杯帆船赛”(America’s Cup)和国际元首峰会之“亚太经合组织领导人峰会”(APEC)分别将于2021年3月和2021年9月在新西兰奥克兰举行(视频)。这是推介新西兰以及倡导帆船/游艇运动产业的历史机遇。当前数字/智能化在这方面还是空白的,结合新西兰商学院资源、新西兰顶级游艇会执行董事网络关系和社会责任,特创立扬帆工作室。作为数智化提供者,寄望促进中、西方体育交流互鉴。

5.合作与分享(Cooperation and Sharing : 近期聚焦三大发展内容与发展策略:我们拥有的新西兰独特资源+数字化当地媒体与平台+中国市场及需求。由此衍生出如下七大工作领域。

5.1 发挥惠德福庄园独特优势,做好与当地主流社团,小学课外教学基地的协同合作发展.

5.2 帆船游艇俱乐部/租赁/媒体数字化

5.3 新西兰体育明星经纪管理与推广

5.4 新西兰帆船特色学习夏令营

5.5 新西兰帆船培训、游艇、高端海上活动体验游对接中国高端文旅

5.6 充分利用新西兰独特优势,探索产学研,体医养融合的国际合作

5.7 拓展与文体、媒体,帆船俱乐部的合作空间