ICE NZ has provided me with a very good learning environment.
The teachers are very nice and professional; they help and encourage me to communicate with others. Now, I gained lots of progress after one-year study here, also, I made many friends with different nationalities.

-Rebong, Maribeth Martin (Philippines)

When I arrived in NZ, my spoken English was bad, but luckily with the help of the friends and the teachers I learnt a lot. I was honored because I had a chance to be with them, to share beautiful moments together, we laughed, we talked about every days simple things. The teachers had a lot of patience when it came to my grammar. With their help I overcame the difficulties with grammar, and now it is good.

– Emilija Krstevka (Macedonia)

“I really had a good time here. I like your classes, they are very funny. They are interesting than the classes in China. I feel honorable. I like my homestay, Thank you very much.”

– Jialei Zhu (China)

“I really have a good time in NZ. Homestay so kind. Thanks for you to take care us. Thank you so much! Love you.”

– Yingtao Zeng (China)

I am studying my New Zealand Diploma in Business Lv6 at ICE NZ.
I like this college very much, because all staff are very friendly and helpful. Initially, I felt afraid and disorientated, as it is the first time that I live in a foreign country. But after I joined in the ICENZ, I always feel that I am living with my family.

– Gurbaksh Singh (India)

I am studying my New Zealand Diploma in Business Lv6 at ICE NZ.I am happy that my teachers are very kind and patient and my classmates are very friendly to each other—Just like a family! I really enjoy studying in ICE NZ and I am sure that I will meet my target in the near further.

– Prasad,Shalini Reddy (Fiji)

After completing the Level 5 of NZDB at Unitec I came to study NZDB Level 6 at ICENZ.
I was able to complete New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6 with flying colors thanks to ICENZ. In accomplishing this both Academic and the Administrative staff backed me up whenever I needed a gentle tap at the back in encouragement. Special thanks to Phill and his staff for guiding me through.

-Malinda Attanayake Mudiyanselage (Sri Lanka)

“I like this institute because everybody is very friendly and helpful. I learned a lot and I am still learning. At the starting I was uncomfortable thinking that wearing turban how people will react but I am happy everyone respects me and likes me. I am proud that I choose the right country and college for my future.”


“I came to New Zealand for a better future and higher education. ICENZ provided me the path to grow. The staff is very friendly & helpful. I made new friends and came to know about the cultural values of other ethnicities. I am happy and proud that I choose ICENZ for my future.”


“We are proud to be part of ICENZ. The Institute provides not only knowledge about courses but also provides dynamic multi-cultural environment. We enjoyed every moment in the institute.”


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